Nuclear Storm and the future

Hello there. It seems to be a bit of a tradition of mine to open a post stating how long it’s been since I last updated, but not this time! Not unless you count that previous sentence anyway. Onwards!

Nuclear Storm

Our beloved Nuclear Storm is now finished. Well, sort of. We had some discussions and decided that we’d push to get it to beta and then let people play for a while, seeing what sort of feedback we got. That was a month or so ago, I think, and we’ve not really done anything on it since, so we decided to leave it as is.

We’ve not made any real effort to spread the word or arrange any real testing, so feedback has been fairly thin on the ground, but most of the stuff that we’ve received was very positive, littered with suggestions and changes that we’ve known of for a while – general difficulty, no checkpointing, and the objective arrows implementation being the main culprits. But we’re very happy with how it turned out and we’ve certainly learnt a lot.

You can still play and/or download the game on the Nuclear Storm page. We’ve got no plans to take it down, and we’re always happy to receive feedback or bugs reports via the link on the same page. Just don’t expect us to implement any changes unless it’s a bug and we’ve got a good idea how to fix it. Sorry!

So, what’s next?

We’ve had a busy few months outside the world of making games, so we’ve made slow progress with the plans for the next project, but it’s starting to take shape now. Obviously we’re not planning on sharing what it is just yet, but mainly because we haven’t got far enough to describe it without it mentioning something that’s likely to change dramatically or just disappear. Also, we’re still arguing about whether or not it’s going to be in 4D and use motion controls*.

What we are planning on doing right now is try and get a bit more of an online presence for anyone who is interested in what we’re doing. and we are definitely planning on updating more regularly on this blog, with a better looking website at some point. There will be tweets and Facebook posts inbetween all that, though, if that’s your sort of thing.

Luckily, if that is your sort of thing, you can find us on Twitter at the @RelevantDev account. We’re all on Twitter individually, too, if you don’t mind completely irrelevant updates or complete silence, depending on who you follow. We’ve now got Facebook and Google+ pages, too. Plus, there’s still the mailing list if you prefer your updates rare and via email.

* It definitely won’t use motion controls. We’ll likely patch in 4D support sometime in the distant future.

Until next time…

So, after a busy few months we’re eager to get back into the swing of things and start making another game, which is nice. Fresh enthusiasm and new ideas should hopefully inspire us into keeping the site updated with what we’re up to and how we’ve achieved certain elements of the game, etc., which is hopefully interesting to you, the lovely reader.

So, that’s it for now. We’ll (almost definitely) be back soon!

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