Reaching a milestone: Part 2

Hello again. It’s been a quiet around here again, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. However, I do have two bits of news to share that I hope will make up for it…


Firstly, our game has a name! A proper one, that is. We’ve been referring to it by it’s Unity project name since, well, we first created it as a Unity project, so we decided to have a session of sitting around and throwing words and names about and seeing what stuck. Thankfully, we found one we all agreed on and that is…

*drum roll*

Nuclear Storm!

There are a few reasons why that made sense, and some of those are due to the world the game takes place in, as well as the fact that it sounds more exciting than the project name. So there you go!

More news!

The other news is that we’re getting ready to send Nuclear Storm out into the world of testing. Exciting! Terrifying!

If you’ve signed up at the mailing list page (it’s still here) then you can expect an email at some point this week (I hope) with a little more info and the current state of the game, as well as some details of how you can report bugs and feedback so we can improve things.

It’s actually a little bit scary now that we’re this close, but I’m really looking forward to getting some feedback and trying to make a better game. So, if you’ve not done it yet, go to the mailing list and sign up!

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks!

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