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Here we go, then: update #2.

I suppose the two screenshots at the end of the last post gave some indication of what kind of game we’re working on, but I thought it’d be worth going into some more depth about what we’re trying to achieve before we consider it “finished”.

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The game

You may have noticed that it has a slight resemblance to a certain early-90’s Mega Drive game. Well, there’s certainly an influence there, but aside from the obvious core features I don’t really know how similar they are, to be honest. I do remember playing early-90’s Mega Drive game but it’s only a vague recollection, not a defining moment in my gaming life or anything like that, so it’s more likely a starting point than an unofficial remake or tribute.

That said, even if that was the case, the plan has always been to build a prototype, so while we do have a list of potentially exciting features hidden away in our Google docs, undoubtedly creeping into other games, our scope is pretty tiny, really.

So, what is the plan?

Basically, our aim is to implement one mission in a decent-sized level. The mission will consist of several objectives in various places across the map, with lots of “areas of interest” in-between them for people who like to wander off and explore. Beyond the initial objectives, designed to let you get to grips with the controls, players are free to complete them in whatever order they like.

We plan on adding some sort of map or guidance system to help you find your way around, but exactly how we implement this hasn’t been discussed in a huge amount of detail yet.¬†We also have a vague background narrative which helps when it comes to designing models and the level in general, but it’s not likely that we’ll explore it much while it stays a prototype.

Due to the size of the game and the fact that it’s never likely to be polished to the highest level we’re capable of (we still don’t even know what that is!), we’ll be making it available for free on this here website when it is eventually done. I wouldn’t even dare guess as to when that’ll be, though. This year? Maybe.

Oh, and it’ll be on PC and Mac, too.

Quick update

Since my post on Friday, Dan has knocked up several new models environmental models to decorate the map and generally make it look a little more like a real place – road sections, pylons, etc.

Miles started a fist fight with some of our older, clumsier code related to some of the objectives and didn’t come out of it entirely unscathed. We think we’re getting there, though.

I’ve been trying to improve the way the objectives work and making the while thing feel more like a real game by adding on-screen messages for players, listing the outstanding objectives, etc.

We’re considering setting up some sort of mailing list for bigger updates while keeping this as a development blog, so that might make an appearance soon. We’d like to get some other people testing it at some stage, too, so that will likely be posted here and sent to anyone interested, so let us know if you’d like to break it at some point!

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